Big I Suffolk appreciates ELANY, our Education Sponsor. This sponsorship assists the association in educating, informing, and enhancing professionalism in the Big I Suffolk association.

The Excess Line Association of New York was created by statute in 1988 and began business in 1989. It is a non profit industry advisory association. ELANY is charged with the duty to facilitate and encourage compliance with the excess line law.

ELANY is a warehouse of solid information on the E&S marketplace. When you have questions, particularly on New York E&S laws and regulations and interpretations by the Department of Financial Services, consider ELANY to be one of your resources.


  • Acts as a facilitator between the brokers and the regulators.
  • Conducts financial review and oversight of non-admitted markets.
  • Provides continuing education:
    • Certified provider for C.E. credits
    • Publications.
  • Lobbies Regulators & Legislators.
  • Maintains information database:
    • for reporting to regulators.
    • to assist members with tax reports.
  • Review documents for compliance.
  • Protects members, consumers and marketplace against fraud.
  • Protects state revenues.
  • Facilitates and encourages compliance.
  • Acts as an industry representative organization.

Excess Lines Association of New York 

120 Wall Street, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Phone: (646) 292-5500